Manuka – Honey is exceptional

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Manuka – Honey is exceptional
Manuka honey comes from the nectar of the New Zealand manuka bush, a relative of the Australian tea tree. It is a very special honey, because its healing power surpasses that of all other types of honey several times. Why this is and with the health problems that the application finds, you will find it in our article on Honey Manuka.

Note: If you are considering using honey as a home remedy in the future, you should not give up when buying honey. The only bees that are allowed to enjoy adequate nutrition and nutrition for the species capable of producing outstanding honey not only have great flavor, but also allow the healing effects described. Use only high quality organic honey or buy honey from trusted beekeepers.

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Hemp leaf powder – superfood with calcium and natural iron

The hemp paper is superfood of the additive layer. For example, if you want to increase the amount of iron or calcium naturally, you can do so using hemp powder. Already 10 grams of powder of hemp leaves offer too much calcium like 250 grams of yogurt. The iron content in 10 grams of cannabis leaf powder reaches 100 grams of meat. Hemp leaf powder is, therefore, an ideal dietary supplement for vegetarians and others who want minerals in their natural form.

Hemp paper powder.
When it comes to cannabis, one thinks of the delicious cannabis seeds, the next nutrient-rich cannabis protein and the third salad that contains cannabis oil.

At the heart of all these products are cannabis seeds. Almost nobody who dares to think about the leaves of cannabis, at least not officially, because it is very well associated with one or the other.

Alcohol-free Nutzhanf
The joint is formed by the original cannabis plant, that is, cannabis with high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a mascara substance in cannabis THC (marijuana). The cultivation of THC is illegal in most countries.

At most for domestic use, in some places two or three floors are tolerated in a well-lit hobby room. However, this is not THC hemp, but the so-called Nutzhanf.

They are free of THC, the source of cannabis seeds, hemp protein, hemp oil, textiles, insulation and much more.

Cannabis – a true factory of wonders
Nutzhanfes leaves the leaves but uses them only a little. Although they were used to produce hemp beer and hemp wine. There are also tea blends with hemp leaves.

But getting rid of the leaves after the infusion is very bad, because it is very rich in nutrients. Yes, they offer a lot of vital materials that you can give away to import Moringa from somewhere far away.

Cannabis grows here on our doorstep, does not require pesticides, improves the soil and at the same time provides three times the fiber content of cotton and four times more paper than trees.

Cannabis can be harvested in a few weeks and has almost unique nutritional characteristics.

Hemp leaves: complete biomaterials.
It is particularly unusual for a high calcium content to be evident in the powder of cannabis leaves. In just 10 grams of powder put more than 300 mg of calcium. This already has more than a quarter of calcium requirement daily.

The iron content is also very exciting, with 2.4 mg per 10 grams of powder, so the powder can be used to improve the iron balance.

Magnesium, an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and tranquilizer, represents more than 40 mg in 10 grams of hemp leaf powder.

In terms of calcium and magnesium, the powder of the hemp leaf clearly exceeds the Moringablattpulver. Only Mooringa iron has a little (2.8 mg per 10 grams).

In addition, the hemp leaves are full of antioxidants that protect the body from cancer, inflammation and oxidative stress.

The ORAC value of cannabis leaf powder is 44,000 large, much more than the ORAC value of acai, aronia, mangosteen and many other superfoods.

Antioxidants include in hemp paper powder, l. Like the carotenoids. 12 mg are all in only 10 grams of cannabis leaf powder

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