Natural treatment against ticks.

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With high temperatures, the known bloodsuckers are back: ticks! Ticks can cause not only local inflammation and swelling in humans and dogs, but also the transfer of serious diseases. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect Trialix your dog and yourself from ticks. but how? Even though the repellent is usual for dogs (pipettes, spray or neck) it often (but not always) works to bring side effects. Are there natural treatments for ticks that really work?


When the tick season begins, the tick repellent should be ready

For months I was waiting for summer excursions with a long dog in the field. Once the arrival of summer, the drawbacks that are already marking: ticks, flea mites


All are unpopular, but ticks are very special. Trialix CANADA In humans and dogs, do not just leave swollen bites, but also dangerous nurses repeatedly.


Therefore, it is advisable to be effective for humans and dogs.


Ticks and diseases

Diseases that can be caused by tick bites are limited to humans so far mainly in the disease – a generic name for various infectious diseases caused by bacteria of the genus Borrelia, which, meningitis early summer (TBE)) – meningitis.


A dog can give some diseases to ticks, depending on the type of tick and its origin.










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