Natural means of external use in age spots.

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Natural means of external use in age spots.
Of course, there are also many natural remedies, which can be applied externally to disappear. However, scientific evidence is often excluded, so you have to rely primarily on reports of affected experiences.

However, it has been proven that fruits and acetic acid help, making lemon juice or apple cider vinegar one of the most popular home remedies for age spots. Apple cider vinegar is applied without dilution and at least twice a day with a piece of cotton in the age spots. After at least three weeks show the first successes.

The effect of apple juice vinegar can be intensified with onion juice (1: 1). This mixture can be applied once or twice a day for at least six weeks. According Keto Blast to a study conducted in 2011, 10% of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) should be applied twice a day for three promising months.

Castor oil and potato juice against age spots.
Another natural treatment for age spots is castor oil. Immerse yourself in a small cotton ball with oil and clean the affected skin twice a day after cleaning the face. The oil is extracted and, after 10 minutes, the usual care of the skin is applied.

Patience is important here. But the spots often disappear after a few months. Potato juice is another celebration of popular medicine. After two weeks, you should notice that the age spots fade when the fresh potato juice is massaged into the spots.

Natural remedies for age spots: groups work better.
For age spots, there are simple means. If you use them, the colors can fade unpopular with little patience, without having to see the processor. Of course, the above sets of measurements can be obtained.

So, for example, you can first apply apple cider vinegar, wash after exposure for half an hour, then rub the castor oil in addition to taking internal antioxidants. The probability of success in the use of age-appropriate treatments is much greater than using only one of these measures.

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