Christmas tree: a true artificial mother?

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Christmas tree: a true artificial mother?
People with environmental conscience, who do not want to miss the traditional Christmas tree at Christmas, face a dilemma: should I buy a real or better artificial tree? The real tree is pure nature. But can millions of Christmas trees still be answered each year to counteract climate change and the destruction of the jungle? So maybe a plastic tree?

Forest instead of Christmas tree?
Only for Christmas salons in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, almost 34 million Christmas trees are produced annually. If you leave these trees standing, they will become a large forest in a few decades. Forests can help enormously in our turbulent climate, especially if the forests will come from Christmas trees that are not sold all over the world. So buy plastic trees, dear people, and save the real Christmas trees!

Christmas trees from the farms
But I already dreamed enough. Who will plant 34 million trees each year and silently observe how to make a forest from it? no one. Christmas Trialix trees are towed for commercial reasons on large estates, especially during the holiday season. Without asking for a Christmas tree, there will be no cultivation. As a result, not buying real Christmas trees does not lead to strong forests to protect the climate. So you can save yourself ugly from a Christmas tree made of plastic, so that you already rejoice?

Sunset of Christmas trees
Because if you buy a real Christmas tree, at least you’re supporting the Christmas tree orchards. Of course, they will not make huge forests of trees crown their towers in the sky. Finally, the Christmas tree is not half his age and has landed in the last two meters. But now I think a forest of small Christmas trees is better than no forest. But it is not so easy anymore.

The real Christmas tree is the best.
The faster you accelerate and then remove a tree, the worse your ecological balance. This is precisely the subject of Clint Springer, a biologist at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Fortunately, it is also believed that the actual Christmas tree is more eco-friendly than the plastic Christmas tree.

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