Study with patients with vitiligo.

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Study with patients with vitiligo.
Schallreuter conducted this study in close collaboration with the University of Greifswald in Germany and the British Center for Skin Sciences at the University of Bradford.

An international group of 2411 patients with vitiligo was examined. It has been found that patients suffer from severe oxidative stress and, at the same time, can measure a low catabase activity.

And what does all this do with the onion juice?

Onion juice against gray hair?
Onion juice has been recommended for centuries of natural therapy as a home remedy for gray hair or hair loss.

However, it is important to distinguish between the boiled Prache cream broth from onion peel, which is used to color Easter eggs or hair dye and real onion juice, which is to make sure that the hair grows back in its natural color.

How does onion juice do this?

First, the onion juice contains some clarification and antibacterial effect, which causes the scalp to cleanse and stimulate circulation.

But even onion juice works differently: it is to stimulate the production of catalase, the catalase from which it comes: it accumulates hydrogen peroxide and prevents graying.

Onion juice and sun against hair loss.
The aforementioned researchers, called Pseudocatalase PC-KUS, have a stronger effect than the normal form, since they are activated by ultraviolet rays.

It is interesting in this context that John Gerrard’s famous physiotherapist (1545-1612) once wrote about hair loss and onion juice:

“The onion juice applied to a bald head under the sun brings hair very quickly.”
So even then it worked with UV stimulation to improve the effect of onion juice. Only at that time I did not know much about catalasat and UV …

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