Magnesium makes you thin

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Magnesium makes you thin
Do you also have problems losing weight? Can not you hear the word diet? Is the yoyo effect your best friend? Magnesium may be the key to your dreamy personality. Magnesium deficiency prevents weight loss. Good level of magnesium and finally thinned out.

Magnesium deficiency makes you gain weight
You know a very interesting book by Dr. Heart. Med. William Davis? It is called “belly wheat: lose wheat and lose weight, find your way to health” (German edition in January 2013, entitled “Weizenwampe: why wheat is thick and sick”). Of course, wheat can get fat and sick.

However, one of the important reasons behind the production of wheat fat and the Davis patients forgot to mention: wheat makes it, among other causes, thick and sick due to the preferred consumption of white wheat flourĀ Keto Viante products , since a staple food leads to a chronic magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency, however, prevents weight loss. With magnesium deficiency one becomes thicker and sicker.

Dr. Caroline Dean described in Magnesium Miracle the most important links between magnesium deficiency and obesity:

Magnesium deficiency leads to feeding attacks
If the body lacks minerals, because these no longer exist in the most consumed consumer foods today, it often develops a real madness with food attacks. No, however, in some cases it expresses a simple desire for metals like. B. Magnesium.

They eat more and more calories than these processed, increasingly empty foods through which more and more pounds accumulate, but the need to obtain food does not satisfy. If the diet, as well as diets to lose weight in the program, which are often very bad in magnesium, the devil is expelled with Beelzebub.

But this is just the beginning. Magnesium deficiency has far-reaching consequences, not only for body weight, but also for complete metabolism.

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